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A composite offers almost limitless possibilities for industrial use. It can serve the needs of industry, the automotive industry, shipbuilding and pharmaceutical architecture, as well as the military.

Oy Esmarin Composites Ltd is an experienced professional in utilising the full potential of composite materials.

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During our nearly 30-year history, we have served several different industries. We constantly utilize the know-how that has been accumulated over the years from various industries in the design of product development processes, material selection and production. More information here »

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Benefits of Using Composite

A composite is a strong, light and durable material.
It offers corrosion resistance and enables sound and thermal insulation.
A composite is not restricted by modern design and its installation is easy.
Composite structures can often replace several overlapping structures, such as frame and insulation structures.
Composite parts and structures can be easily and reliably combined with other parts and materials.

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